Now, Lot78 (LOTE) Could Be Your Next Chance
At Grabbing A Gigantic 5,300% Profit!

Greetings Fellow Profit Seeker,

It truly is amazing to see how fast consumers take to the fashions that their favorite actors or musicians are seen wearing…

These fans will do or buy almost anything to look like their favorite stars – and they’ll pay almost anything to do so. As investors, we may not understand the trends that are being set, but we do know an incredible profit opportunity when we see it…

And that’s exactly what Lot78 (LOTE) is!

You see, you don’t have to know WHY something is “cool” to know that you can make money – you just have to understand that something IS “cool”– in order to make money. Why?

Because, truly smart investors know that the “cool” factor quickly turns into public demand – demand that historically sends shares in companies like LOTE shooting towards the stratosphere!

True Religion was “cool” and early investors made a mint!! Walking away with MASSIVE 5,300% gains

Investors who got in early on my first fashion pick, “cool” Horiyoshi the III, walked away 215% richer in less than a month!

And I’m here to tell you, Lot78 is “cool”.

Their fashion is already being photographed on some of the biggest names in music and movies – so it might not be long till this undiscovered company is more than just the “must have” brand name this year…

It could be the biggest Wall Street winner of 2013! Because, like True Religion and Horiyoshi the III before it, this stock could quickly build fortunes for those who got in early!

Before we go any further, I wanted to introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Eric Dickson, editor of Breakaway Stocks – and while I may not know “cool”, 3 years ago, I brought Horiyoshi the III to the public’s attention – and those who took advantage of my advance notification pocketed fast 215% profits.

Since then, I’ve been keeping my eye out for another fashion stock with that same kind of profit potential.

That’s why I knew that when I discovered LOTE – I knew I had to let only my most faithful readers know about it.

I’ve given you just a taste of why I believe LOTE could be our next 5,300% winner…

But there’s a LOT more to the Lot78 story.

Lot78: Why Experts Are Saying Lightning Can Strike For A Third Time!

As I said a few moments ago, this isn’t the first time a tiny fashion company has taken Wall Street by storm…

In 2006, then unknown True Religion Brand Jeans burst onto the Hollywood scene when celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Colin Farrell and Ringo Star were all spotted wearing their denim pants and jackets – and consumers couldn’t get enough!!

But True Religion wasn’t an anomaly, there is another small company that Hollywood heavy weights helped put on the map…

As just 3 short years ago, another undiscovered company’s fashions started popping up in Tinsel Town –A-listers like Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as well as Gwen Stefani and The Black-Eyed Peas were all seen wearing the exclusive apparel of Horiyoshi the III

Now, it seems like lightning is about to strike for a THIRD time, as Lot78 (LOTE) is following in True Religion’s and Horiyoshi’s footsteps as their clothing is being worn by the biggest names in Hollywood!

Grammy winners Kings of Leon, Jay-Z, Rihanna and Robbie Williams, Oscar nominees Bradley Cooper and Jeff Goldblum, as well as model Elle McPherson have all been spotted wearing Lot78’s fashion – which means LOTE could be the next fashion stock to surge 5,300% as consumer demand drive sales through the roof!

Making now the PERFECT time for investors to get in before this unknown stock takes off like True Religion and Horiyoshi did before it…

And made early investors RICH in the process!

However, unlike its predecessors, LOTE’s two-pronged profit attack could have you pocketing even MORE money…

Conquering Retail:
The First Way LOTE Plans To
Put $$$ In Shareholders Pockets

The first part of LOTE’s profit attack starts where one would guess…

By securing distribution deals with high-end retailers and possibly opening their own stores just like True Religion, Lot 78 is making a major push to bring their brand global.

But if you really want to get a feel for how far reaching Lot78’s impact is on the fashion world, you can now walk in to many of today’s biggest retailers to see what fashion website Twent7 calls, “The epitome of cool”.

Walk into Harrods, Barneys or Fred Segal and you’ll find the fashion of Lot78 (if it’s not sold out, that is!).

Touch the fabric, feel the quality for yourself.

Once you do, it’ll be easy to see why I fully believe that this company is destined for stock superstardom.

The best part?

Even with all this retail power behind it, LOTE is flying under Wall Street’s radar,which explains why you can buy shares right now so cheaply…

But I can assure you, as soon as word gets out, you could bet that some of today’s biggest players will be grabbing as many shares of LOTE as possible! They know what happened to True Religion and Horiyoshi and like me, I’m sure they can see it happening for LOTE as well!

That’s why we should keep this between us for now, let’s lock down our profits first before spreading the word…

After that, those high-powered traders can buy as many shares of LOTE as they want!

NET-A-PORTER: The Biggest Online Boutique You’ve Never Heard Of Could Be A Veritable Cash Register For LOTE

Don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of NET-A-PORTER.COM, most people haven’t…

But over the past 15 years, this online luxury retailer has built itself into one of the most visited websites for those in search of high-end clothing and accessories.

It’s become the “go to” site for the rich and famous…

And LOTE has signed on with, and its male counterpart, to sell Lot78 clothing and accessories.This of itself presents the potential for a HUGE spike in sales, but a recent event may bring this partnership to a whole new level…

This last Christmas, LOTE made an exclusive piece for NET-A-PORTER, and to say it was a success would be a huge understatement!

The “HoHoHo” sweater sold out almost instantly and was seen on celebrities like Cheryl Cole and Lauren Conrad.

It was seen on some of the fashion’s biggest trend setters as well as featured on, the Daily Mail and other publications.

This is nothing short of spectacular for Lot78

But as investors, what this really means is that the brand now has a solid foothold on one of, if not the biggest online destinations for high-end clothing and accessories.

Meaning that the sold out holiday sweater may be just the beginning for LOTE!

Are you starting to see why myself, NET-A-PORTER, Harrods and more are getting behind Lot78?

This company looks to be going in one direction…UP!

And you can get in now, before Wall Street catches wind! Consider calling your broker right now and giving him the ticker symbol: LOTE with your buy order.

It could be the most lucrative stock choice you make this year!

Starting With A Niche And Branching Out – LOTE’s Next Move Could Push Their Stock Over The Top!

Lot78 designer and CEO, Ollie Amhurst knows something about the fashion industry, he’s not some wet-behind-the-ears dreamer with a little start up money…

He’s a 10 year veteran of the fashion world, logging a decade with one of the biggest names in the fashion industry – Armani.

Armani needs no introduction, they’ve been a main stay for highend luxury clothing and accessories almost since their inception back in 1975 – and to say he learned a few things from his time there would be an understatement.

But Armani didn’t just become one of the biggest apparel companies on the market today by spreading themselves too thin…

They started by branding themselves in a niche market, men’s ready to wear suits – but they didn’t get too greedy at first – they stuck with these core items before they moved on to other apparel and accessories…

True Religion did the same thing, but first establishing a base in denim before branching out.

It’s a smart move, and it’s a sound strategy that LOTE has already started incorporating into their business model.

Like Armani and True Religion, Lot78 started small too – producing quality and unique leather goods – and it only took a few short years for them to make a name for themselves in this niche market.

But as we saw with the holiday sweater, Lot78 is starting to branch out…and what Ollie Amhurst has planned could push shares in LOTE to the moon.

You see, they have plans to follow in True Religion’s footsteps – almost literally – as their next line will expand into denim, a highly lucrative and easily accessible sector of the fashion market.

By expanding into denim, Lot78 will have an even bigger presence in the both the mass market retail and internet worlds – greatly increasing the brand’s global influence.

And it’s all starting NOW!

Lot78’s wider product line could be filtering into stores as we speak.

And as popular as Lot78 has become, it could only a matter of time until music and movie stars start being photographed in their new collection – with their rabid fan base to follow shortly there after!

The impact of their denim line going viral to LOTE prof its is mind-boggling…

But this is the logical course of action when you take an established name like Lot78 and expand its collection into the more affordable denim market.

This move, could, quite literally make Lot78’s sales sky rocket…

Meaning shares in LOTE could be about to explode! That makes now the best time to consider getting in.Waiting much longer and you might find the shares you can buy today for a pittance could be worth double, triple or QUADRUPLE that in just a few months time!

Don’t wait!

Consider LOTE today.

Why Some Of The Biggest Names Want ToWork With Lot78
(Here’s A Hint: So They Can Make MONEY!!)

You know you’re in demand when your competition wants to work with you…

And this is the unique position that LOTE finds itself in.

You see, the NET-A-PORTER and MR PORTER collaboration was just the most recent example of how fashion companies just can’t get enough of Lot78

Before that, world-renowned sports brand, Puma, came calling, wanting Lot78 to collaborate with the legendary sports brand on updating one of their classic sneakers.

The shoe received a lot of press as well as a lot of positive, and more importantly, unsolicited celebrity endorsers – this was a huge step for Lot78 – and one of the big reasons net-a-porter knew they’d have success by having them design something exclusively for their customers.

And it may just be the beginning…

For these two collaborations to come along for Lot78 in such a short time, speaks volumes for this young company’s reputation.

Who knows who could be lining up at their door as we speak?

With CEO and designer Ollie Amhurst’s past history with Armani, it wouldn’t surprise me if other well established names came calling!

That kind of exposure is priceless…

And just another reason why shares of LOTE could be selling exponentially higher! They’re quickly becoming one of the “it” brands in fashion – so it’s easy to see Puma, Armani, or any other big name come calling again!

Do yourself a favor…

Don’t wait on this one – act TODAY!

Why You Can’t Wait On LOTE

There’s a really big, but simple reason you shouldn’t wait to grab shares of LOTE…

Declining profit scale.

Here’s what I mean…

When I first brought Horiyoshi the III to the public’s attention, shares were trading at just about a dollar and were still moving under main stream Wall Street’s radar.

But shares didn’t stay that inexpensive for long…

Just 3 short weeks later, shares had exploded to $3.25 and early investors cashed out with a fast, yet hefty, 215% profit!

That’s so important, it bear repeating…

Shares in Horiyoshi the III rocketed from just about a dollar to $3.25 – in just about 3 weeks of trading!

This is why you can’t wait on LOTE…

This stock has many similarities to Horiyoshi, and could very well follow the same path as the 215% winner – but Lot78 really has more in common with 5,300% superstar,True Religion, making LOTE your best chance at building a FORTUNE.

Remember, like True Religion, LOTE started in a niche market before spreading their wings and expanding into other apparel...

And like True Religion, celebrities are scrambling to grab as much of Lot78’s high-end and unique clothing!

But what I see really pushing this stock over the top, is the simple fact that the most posh websites for luxury goods are barely able to keep any of LOTE’s items in stock!

Their NET-A-PORTER holiday exclusive piece sold out INSTANTLY…

Now is the time to act on LOTE!!

Don’t miss out on this potentially HUGE, 5,300% profit opportunity…

You’ll be kicking yourself when you read all about them in TheWall Street Journal!

Buyout Alert! Luxury Brands Are Being Snatched Up At A Breakneck Pace! What A High Priced Bidding War Over LOTE Means For Shareholders

Yes,we’ve yet to talk about one of the fastest ways investors like us can cash out with even faster profits…

The buyout.

You see, LOTE is perfectly positioned as a huge buyout target for any established brand or company looking to add a young hip collection to their already successful lines…

Looking at how inexpensive shares are right now in LOTE, it would be a smart move for these companies to make a move before this stock starts heading north of $10 – and by buying Lot78 now, they’d be ensuring they’d get the most out of their money.

Even more, luxury brands, like Lot78 are a hot commodity…

You may not have ever heard of European corporation, LVMH (Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton S.A.), but this $87 Billion power house has been acquiring luxury brands like Dom Perignon, Louis Vuitton, Donna Karan, Parfums Christian Dior, TAG Heuer and a host of others like there was a fire sale!

Could Lot78 be next? Maybe…

But with LOTE’s CEO, Ollie Amhurst’s past working relationship with Armani – you could make a case that his previous employer is in the driver’s seat.

A bidding war between LVMH and Armani over LOTE would be epic…

But could you imagine if True Religion threw their hat in the ring as well?

What is certain, that if a buyout feeding frenzy does occur over LOTE, the shares we buy today cheap, could pretty much QUADRUPLE in price just on rumors alone!

Once all the dust settles – investors who get in LOTE, now– could walk away unbelievably wealthy!

It’s one of the oldest success stories on Wall Street…

And it could be about to happen for LOTE! Truly amazing…

LOTE: Don’t Miss What Could Be Your Last Chance At 5,300%

It’s normally rare for lighting to strike twice in the same spot…

Even rarer for it to strike THREE times, but with all of the things that LOTE has going it’s way, we could see shares doing EXACTLY what they did in True Religion and Horiyoshi – and that we could see an unprecedented run!

With solid connections to some of the biggest, high-end retail stores on the planet and an unshakeable foothold in the world of online luxury goods…

LOTE is as close a thing to a sure-fire winner as I’ve seen come around in a while!

Whether it’s Harrods, Barneys, or Fred Segal

Or NET-A-PORTER.COM, or Lot78’s own website…

LOTE is getting a LOT of exposure – and it could be just amatter of time until this stock starts edging closer and closer to that possible 5,300% profit!

But even if LOTE doesn’t follow True Religion’s trajectory, and instead takes the path of Horiyoshi – we’re still looking at a FAST 215% winner!

Either way, I fully believe that early investors will have the chance to make a pretty penny – but in order to do so – you have to act NOW!

Do yourself a favor, consider calling your broker right now and grab as many shares of LOTE as you’re comfortable with…

It could be the best financial decision you make this year!

To Your FutureWealth,

Eric Dickson
Editor, Breakaway Stocks

PS. I can’t tell you how important it is to have the power of high-end retail giants like Harrods, Barneys, Bloomingdales and Fred Segal behind your products. LOTE does! And they’re turning that consumer demand into profits! For shareholders, this means $$$ in your pocket – but only if you act FAST! Don’t’wait! Consider LOTE today!

PPS. CONSIDER THIS: As a perfect buyout target, a bidding war over LOTE would be monumental for those who invested early! Those early shareholders would be the real winners if Armani, True Religion or any other company ending up buying LOTE. Don’t miss out on what could be your last chance at 5,300% gains! Act NOW!

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